The company will continuously improve its management level, strengthen technological innovation, attach importance to education and training, and gather first-class talents, so as to provide resources for the development of prosperity and prosperity.
Enterprise mission
The company will continue to produce high-quality products from scratch, and is committed to one hundred percent customer satisfaction.
Enterprise policy
Seek the original, the truth and the new
Enterprise spirit
At the very beginning, the spirit of hi-tech content is adhering to the industry's high starting point.
Enterprise core
Everything is customer centered
social responsibility

As a company with a sense of social responsibility, Fu and Sheng strictly abide by the code of conduct of the citizen alliance of the electronic industry. We promise that we will not use mineral products (including tantalum, tin, gold, tungsten) from the Democratic Republic of Congo or neighboring countries or regions. Therefore, suppliers are required to abide by EICC at the same time, and promise not to use conflict minerals, and cooperate actively when Fu and Sheng carry out mineral resources investigation.

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