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Through the announcement of the 20 night announcement of the optical cable, the company has made great achievements in research and development. The steady phase cable has passed the design appraisal examination, laying the foundation for opening the military market.

According to the announcement, the design appraisal review conference was organized by the relevant authorities of the cable and cable in August 14th. The delegates invited have the related units of the China Power Group, the CAC related units and the product trial units. The review holds that: "through test verification and user trial, the product performance meets the specifications of the product and the requirements of the user. The main performance is equivalent to the foreign products of the same kind; the production and testing equipment is complete, the supply channels of raw materials are smooth, the quality is stable, and the production capacity is small. The review group agreed that the design of TG3507-A1 and TG3449-A1 phase stabilized cable products should be examined through design.

One of the series of optical cable products is mainly used in military and civilian communications. The company invested 17 million 90 thousand yuan in the first half of this year, accounting for 4.42% of its revenues. The company continues to focus on the research and development of special cable, concentrating on promoting key research and development projects, the progress of existing product upgrading and upgrading projects, and developing new strategic variety research and development and exploratory research.

The company said that the successful adoption of the appraisal marks another major success in the research and development of high end products abroad, laying a foundation for the comprehensive opening of the stable phase cable market of military products. With the development of military construction, it is expected to have a positive impact on the company's future performance.


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