Aluminum alloy cable brings new hope to China's wire and cable industry.

Good video transmission design is a very important part of video surveillance system. If a set of good system is used to produce or handle high quality video cameras, cameras, monitors, video recorders, but there is no good transmission system, the final image on the monitor will not be satisfactory. As the most important transmission medium, wire and cable products play an indispensable role in the data of security system, video and audio transmission and power supply.

With the improvement of China's industrialization, the improvement of infrastructure and the improvement of the level of urbanization, the cable industry will become mature. There are obvious polarization in the industry, and the concentration of the industry is increased. Among them, the top ten US market share market share is 67%, the top six of Japan is 65%, and the first five in France. The name occupies 90% of the market share. Although the industry concentration is low, the cable industry market is in a scattered market condition, but the wire and cable industry has maintained a high growth, the production efficiency is rapidly increasing, the product upgrading and upgrading is accelerated, the product structure is becoming more reasonable, the industry capital structure is increasingly diversified and the market process is quickening, especially the coastal area. The advantages of wire and cable manufacturing industry in economically developed areas are obvious, and regional differences are further widened.

In the next five years, China's power grid will usher in the golden age, and the wire and cable industry will have a "good opportunity". With the increasing input of national policy and national network company to smart grid, in order to cooperate with the implementation of national west electricity transmission, power grid transformation and other projects, and the gradual advance of urbanization construction, the capacity of wire and cable market, which is closely related to transmission and distribution in the next 5 years, will maintain a considerable increase at the rate of 8%-9% per year. Long, line cable industry will usher in a new opportunity.

According to the market research center of Yu Bo think industry, the average investment in R & D in China's wire and cable industry is less than 1% of sales, and more than 90% of the capacity of domestic cable enterprises is concentrated in low end products. With the increasing demand for technological innovation, technological innovation and material innovation, some wire and cable enterprises in China have also increased input in innovation.

China's wire and cable industry has always had a low level of technical level, including low production efficiency, low automation, high energy consumption, poor on-line detection, poor reliability, serious surplus, poor quality, threats to the safety of industry development, poor after-sales service and so on, especially technical innovation in the industry. The system has not been formed, and the ability of independent design and development is poor. It is basically on the low level of Surveying and copying. It has not fully grasps the design technology of wire and cable products. It has not formed the development mechanism of the organic combination of wire and cable products, materials, technology and equipment, so it is difficult to meet the needs of industry development.

No country dares to ignore the strong allure of the Chinese market. The huge market formed by the sustained and rapid growth of China's economy has attracted the attention of the whole world. All industries focus on the Chinese market. The same is true of the wire and cable industry. In the short decades of reform and opening up, the huge production capacity of Chinese cable manufacturing industry has made the world see the world. Worldwide, China's total output value of wire and cable has surpassed that of the United States and has become the world's largest producer of wire and cable. The continuous and rapid growth of China's economy provides a huge market space for cable products. With the continuous expansion of China's power industry, data communication industry, urban rail transport industry, automobile industry and shipbuilding industry, the demand for wire and cable will also increase rapidly. Aluminum alloy technology and aluminum alloy cable products will be guided. It was also introduced into the country. The future cable and cable industry will have great potential for development.

But China's wire and cable industry has long been affected by the chronic diseases of some industries, and it is difficult to develop and grow. The output value of China's cable industry is more than 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan, but the size of the enterprise is small and the largest size of the output value is only around 100 billion yuan. Most of the enterprises in the industry are small in scale and poor in innovation ability, and the products can only be in the low end field. In the price war, the overall profit margin of the industry is less than 5%. In China, the pure buyer's market has led to serious problems of bad debts and bad debts in cable enterprises, and a triangle debt crisis has erupted from time to time. Most enterprises are struggling in the fierce market competition.

The technological progress has brought an excellent opportunity for the Chinese wire and cable industry, that is, a new cable conductor technology, which began to start in the United States in 2006, that is, conductor aluminum alloy technology and aluminum alloy cable products. This technology is brought into China's market by two American companies. After that, China's aluminum alloy cable market was gradually detonated.  Forecast data show that in the next few years, even if the level of the use of aluminum alloy cables in China is only at the current international level (30%), it will quickly form a huge market of up to 300 billion yuan a year. Such a huge market has undoubtedly attracted the attention of many enterprises in the industry immediately.

When aluminum alloy cable enters China, it has not been able to open the market widely, one of the important reasons is the actual performance. Although aluminum alloy cable does not improve the electrical conductivity of pure aluminum cable, the bending, compressive creep and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy cable are greatly improved. Compared with copper cable, aluminum alloy cable has the unparalleled superiority in terms of weight, price and engineering installation. In other words, it is in the same electrical performance and better mechanical properties.

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