HUAWEI distributed cable modem terminal system (D-CMTS) was first tested by the US cable television

HUAWEI, the world's leading provider of information and communications solutions, recently announced that its D-CMTS (distributed cable modem terminal system), developed in accordance with China's C-DOCSIS (China cable data service interface specification) standard, has passed the DOCSIS3.0 test of the American cable television Laboratory (CableLabs). Prior to that, the CableLabs Certification Committee has approved HUAWEI's test results and has released the test results on its official website. Up to now, HUAWEI is the only D-CMTS manufacturer that has passed the test.

CableLabs is an authoritative organization in the field of global cable TV network. It is mainly devoted to the establishment of communication technology standards in the field of cable TV network and the testing and certification of related equipment. CableLabs testing has become the basic access condition for overseas operators to enter the cable TV network. CableLabs members include the world's major cable network operators, the Shenzhen Print-Rite video and the Zhejiang number wide radio network, which became its first members from China this year.

In recent years, China's independent innovation C-DOCSIS standards have attracted international attention and become one of the main schemes for DOCSIS distributed architecture to access DAA (DistributedArchitectureAccess).

The HUAWEI D-CMTS solution through the CableLabs test can provide the maximum downlink 800Mbit/s and uplink 160Mbit/s UWB access. Compared with the traditional CMTS scheme, the scheme can save 50% computer room space and energy consumption, save 80% main optical fiber resources, and realize the 100% digitalization of optical fiber network.

Li Xiangjun, general manager of HUAWEI's network infrastructure network, said: "HUAWEI is a leading manufacturer of D-CMTS solutions and continues to work closely with CableLabs, and the test will also be successful in promoting the commercial process of the global DAA architecture."

HUAWEI is one of the main drafters of the C-DOCSIS standard in China. It also actively promotes the internationalization of this standard. HUAWEI also actively participated in CableLabs's DOCSIS3.1 standard formulation, and took the lead in displaying the DOCSIS3.1 prototype on the North American cable communications engineer Association (SCTE) in 2013.

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